10th Workshop on Embedded Systems Security (WESS 2015)

A Workshop of the Embedded Systems Week (ESWEEK 2015)

October 8, 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


08:30 Keynote
  What do ultra low power requirements mean for secure hardware?
S. Mukhopadhyay (Georgia Tech, USA)
09:20 Session I: Hardware Trojans
  A Novel Approach to Detect Hardware Trojan Attacks on Primary Data Inputs
T. Wehbe, V.J. Mooney, D.C. Keezer and N.B. Parham (Georgia Tech, USA)
  CHEF: A Configurable Hardware Trojan Evaluation Framework
C. Krieg and D. Neubacher (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 Session II: Hardware vulnerabilities and defenses
  A Novel Attack on a FPGA based True Random Number Generator
A. Johnson, R. Chakraborty and D. Mukhopadhyay (IIT Kharagpur, India)
  Testing Feasibility of Back-Side Laser Fault Injection on a Microcontroller
J. Breier and D. Jap (Nanyang TU, Singapore)
  Security Challenges in ManyCore Embedded Systems based on Networks-on-Chip
E. Papastefanakis, D. Ragot and B. Maitre (Thales, France)
  Analysis of Control Flow Events for Timing-based Runtime Anomaly Detection
S. Lu and R. Lysecky (U. Arizona, USA)
12:00 Lunch Break
13:30 Session III: Embedded software and protocol security
  Performance analysis of broadcast authentication protocols on CAN-FD and FlexRay
P. Vasile, B. Groza and P.-S. Murvay (PU Timisoara, Romania)
  Abstract Data Machine: Data Classifier for Reliable Embedded Systems Software
M.T. Khan (QCRI, Qatar), A. Fragopoulos (QCRI, Qatar), D. Serpanos (QCRI, Qatar) and H. Shrobe (MIT, USA)
  Bitslice software implementation of KeeLoq as a side-channel countermeasure
P. Malagón, J. de Goyeneche, D. Fraga and J. Moya (U. Politecnica Madrid, Spain)
  Towards Continuous Authentication in Internet of Things Based on Secret Sharing Scheme
O. Bamasag (KAU, Saudi Arabia) and K. Youcef-Toumi (MIT, USA)
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 Special Session (Joint, IoT Symposium): Security of Industrial Control Systems
  Behaviour-based secure and resilient industrial control systems
D. Serpanos (QCRI, Qatar), H. Shrobe (MIT, USA), A. Solar-Lezama (MIT, USA), A. Chlipala (MIT, USA), S. Gao (MIT, USA), T. Khan (QCRI, Qatar), A. Al Tamimi (QCRI), M. Al Obaidi (QCRI), S. Al Farsi (QCRI), A. Fragopoulos (QCRI)
  Model Based Diagnosis for Detecting Attacks on Control Systems
H. Shrobe (MIT, USA)
  Automated Analysis of False Data Injection Attacks
S. Gao (MIT, USA), L. Xie (Texas A&M, USA), A. Solar-Lezama (MIT, USA)
  Security Issues in Resource-limited Sensor Networks
T. Sauter and A. Treytl (Danube University Krems, Austria)
17:00 End of Workshop